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On April 3, 2021, 22 mummies (18 kings and 4 queens) including King Ramses II, King Seqnen Ra Taa, King Tuthmosis III, King Seti I, Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Meritamun, wife of King Amenhotep I, and Queen Ahmose Nefertari, were transported in a lavish-multimillion-dollar parade from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to their new resting place at the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Egypt’s authorities are hoping that the new Museum, which opened to the public on April 18, 2021, will help revitalize Egyptian tourism as the world recovers from the pandemic.
Brief 5 minute video clip of the Parade of Mummies (April 3, 2021):

Full two hour event with English subtitles featuring musical performances and the Parade of Mummies (begins at minute 50)
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